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Product Code: FB302
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Cole-TAC developed the Waxed Flat Bag with our Backbone Bag System in mind. The bag’s thin profile allows you to use this product in a variety of shooting situations. From smaller openings to larger posts or barricades, this little guy provides major support. The flat front surface also allows you to push and load up on your rifle.

Like all of Cole-TAC’s incredible products, we construct our Waxed Flat Bag with the toughest materials and hardware available. Based on numerous requests from our loyal customers, we now offer the Flat Bag in waxed canvas, an outstanding material that is soft yet durable. In addition, the polymer fill prevents water absorption and decay. 

Cole-TAC’s Waxed Flat Bag is made in the U.S.A. and features our unbeatable lifetime warranty. Purchase your Waxed Flat Bag today and flatten your competition.

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