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Product Code: 419-HFMAT-308
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Softer, Flatter, No Extra Blast.

With the original, and best-selling Hellfire release in 2016 we packed everything we knew about making a good muzzle brake into one design. Now, years later, we went back to the drawing board with a deeper understanding of what a brake can and should do, and how it can make a rifle as manageable as possible as the bullet exits.

Introducing the Hellfire Match.

This 4-port design isn’t simply stacking more of the same design on the end, it’s a complete redesign with each port being different. Different length ports, different angle ports, and different height port optimizes each one to provide an ideal function based on the pressure and volume of gas being acted on at its position. This results in optimal recoil management, optimal muzzle rise control, and imparts no extra sound pressure at the shooter position.

Using our patented Hellfire Self-Timing system, this brake uses the same Hellfire Universal Adapters that have been in our lineup for years, and can integrate with your Suppressor Mounts, Hellfire, Hellfire 2P and Linear Flash Suppressor. While this will be the new flagship brake, it is very much a part of our super popular Hellfire family.

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