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Product Code: BCM-KAG-MCMR-BLK
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Gain better control of your weapon while firing shots on target with the help of this Bravo Company MFG BCMGUNFIGHTER Kinesthetic Angled Grip. Built to complement modern shooting grips, these Rifle Parts from Bravo Company MFG feature a forward rake that provides positive retention when utilizing the "C-clamp" method of handguard support, which is when your thumb is over the bore. The Bravo Company MFG BCMGUNFIGHTER M-LOK Compatible Kinesthetic Angled Grip is textured in the front and back for positive engagement you can truly feel. This grip is built from impact-resistant polymer that's rugged yet lightweight, and the slight angle design provides the perfect amount of relief for your wrist without adding the bulk that usually comes with it. Improve your shooting experience with the Bravo Company MFG BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG that enhances both comfort and control during any application.image

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