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AR400 Steel Rimfire Target Instructions

Dominion Outdoors steel rimfire targets are made of high quality AR400 rated steel. Our AR400 rimfire targets are 1/4" thick. Steel targets are long lasting, fun targets to shoot, but be sure to follow all firearm safety rules when shooting them. Be aware ricochets may happen, and be sure you are far enough away from the target with appropriate personal protective equipment on at all times.

1/4" AR400 steel targets are rated for all standard rimfire cartridges, including 22 LR, 22 WMR, & 17 HMR. 1/4" AR400 steel targets are also rated for handgun cartridges up to and including 9mm Luger and 45 ACP. Must be shot at a minimum distance of 15 yards for safety. 1/4" AR400 steel targets are not rated for centerfire rifle cartridges or magnum handgun cartridges at any distance.

None of our targets are not rated to withstand steel core, bi-metal, armor piercing, solid brass/copper or any other bullet than copper plated or pure lead. Proper placement and distance of target from shooter is crucial to safety. All distances listed are recommendations only. For best ricochet control and target life, you must allow the target to swing freely.

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